Roquette at Food Ingredients Europe 2011

29, 30 November, 1st December 2011
At FIE 2011 PARIS, Roquette will be presenting advances in every food application field on booth 1H15 / Hall 1.

While recognising the technological and economic constraints encountered by food producers, the Roquette development teams have dedicated the unique properties of their vegetable proteins, fibres, sugar substitutes and starches to the creation of new recipes – recipes (with supporting evidence!) they are keen to share with visitors to FIE.


Visitors will discover not only new recipes for sauces and culinary products but also macaroons made with a new starch obtained from the yellow pea. Neutral in taste, this ingredient delivers much sought-after texture and economic advantage.

Roquette will also share with beverage producers the results of a sensory survey confirming the full-bodied mouth feel imparted by NUTRIOSE® fibre in water-based flavoured drinks with no added sugar.


More than ever before people are feeling good about foods derived from plants. For FIE, Roquette is developing sweet recipes incorporating its NUTRALYS® pea protein: panacotta and ice cream that are 100% plant-based - and 100% delicious.



Dairy, meat and cereal products, confectionery, beverages, sauces and soups - for each field of application Roquette is ready with specific solutions and « custom-made » expertise. Backed up by application-specific skills, the Roquette development team will be ready to demonstrate its support for visitors’ development projects.


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