VegBoost: a new alternative to milk that's 100% vegetable


Veg Boost is a new ready-to-drink product based on NUTRALYS® pea protein and NUTRIOSE® prebiotic fibre.

Roquette innovation has been in action again with a new ready-to-drink product christened VegBoost. The concept was unveiled at Vitafoods 2010 and offers a new milk*-like, vegetable drink.

100% vegetable in origin, a source of fibre, and free of lactose, gluten, isoflavones and GMOs, VegBoost has numerous nutritional properties.

On top of that, the new beverage is based on NUTRALYS® pea protein and NUTRIOSE® prebiotic fibre, making it remarkably smooth and tasty.

Moreover, unlike some other vegetable alternatives to milk (obtained, for instance, from soya beans, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.), it does not contain any major allergens.

The sheer number of VegBoost’s benefits not only makes it distinctive – it is also why it is especially appealing to consumers seeking the well-being associated with vegetables, as well as those who are looking for an alternative to milk that can deliver both high nutritional value and easy digestibility. And beyond that, vegboost’s concentrated combination of nutrition and innovation makes it an ideal concept development candidate for industrial-scale producers.

A vegetal milk-like concept with a focus on taste

VegBoost is a patented vegetable drink obtained primarily from NUTRALYS® pea protein, to which is added water, maltodextrin and NUTRIOSE® FM 10** fibre. With a neutral taste, the latter builds in texture and body, allowing it to emulate the smoothness of milk. The improved taste*** of NUTRALYS® is combined with a pear/vanilla flavouring specially developed by Symrise, resulting in a “soft” and “fruity” vegetable drink free of any vegetable notes or bitter aftertaste.

Endowed with a balanced nutritional profile

Vegetable “milks” are often recommended to people intolerant of dairy products and lactose. One of the objectives of the VegBoost concept is to excite greater consumer interest, especially among those who wish to maximise the role of vegetable products in their daily diet. VegBoost’s protein content is high and slightly higher than that of cow’s milk or soya milk. It can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans and is recommended for people unable to tolerate lactose, soya bean or other major allergens. Furthermore, the inclusion of NUTRIOSE® prebiotic fibre in the recipe makes VegBoost a “source of fibre”.

An example of NUTRALYS® pea protein's technological advantages

The functionalities (organoleptic, nutritional and also technological) of the VegBoost concept have been in part obtained from Roquette’s recent perfection of the pea protein extraction process for its NUTRALYS® pea protein range. Producing a more neutral organoleptic profile, high solubility and dispersibility, these technological advances are what make VegBoost different from other vegetable proteins. Thanks to such developments, Roquette is demonstrating to food producers just how easy its vegetable protein is to use. That’s why the VegBoost is opening up innovation possibilities in the ready-to-drink field, in desserts, as a culinary aid (in a natural formula), in ice creams, etc, etc - the potential is enormous.

>> VegBoost is truly a springboard to the future!


* The designation « milk » is currently defined by European regulations (EEC regulation No1898/87 dated 2 July 1987). These specify that it is reserved exclusively for the product of normal mammary secretion obtained by one or more milkings without either addition thereto or extraction therefrom».

® FM 10 (a soluble fibre produced and marketed by Roquette) is produced from maize.

® benefits from a specific technology that distinguishes it from the other vegetable proteins, in particular its more neutral taste and odour (see press release « the new taste of pea protein– May 2010).