Roquette at FIE 2009 - Offering the best of nature


At FIE 2009 the Roquette group is presenting a selection of ingredients offering innovative, effective and sustainable ways forward.

More than ever, consumers’ expectations are focussed on the health and nutrition aspects of food. Likewise, taste, quality and nutritional profiles, along with the supply of competitive and innovative ingredients, plus sustainable development, are major strategic challenges for the food processing companies.

In order to cope with these, the companies need reliable and experienced partners such as the Roquette group. FIE 2009 will be the opportunity for Roquette to present them with a selection of ingredients produced from renewable raw materials that are capable of providing the urgently needed response in an innovative, effective and sustainable way. 

With the backing of finished product studies and concepts, these ingredients, such as NUTRIOSE® fibre, offer fresh prospects in the fields of satiety and digestive benefits. Roquette’s NUTRALYS® vegetable proteins will naturally have an important role to play in satiety mechanisms as well.

In the context of nutritional profiles, the properties of SweetPearl™ maltitol, NUTRIOSE®, ingredients produced from peas (PEA FIBER IG and NUTRALYS®), GLUCIDEX® 1 maltodextrin, CLEARAM® and CLEARGUM® modified starches, are indispensable balancing certain nutrients such as sugars and fats.

Because fibre is so essential for the consumer (as demonstrated by a recent survey*) Roquette will propose an original means of fibre enrichment for all the food products and beverages typically consumed during the day: a simple innovation for effective and economical fibre enrichment, with dramatic growth potential.

“Do better, with less” – a motto all the rage at present, so Roquette will put the emphasis on numerous solutions for:

  • Replacing gum arabic, gelatine and also animal and vegetable proteins with more economical high-quality alternatives.

  • Increasing production yields.
  • Improving the texture and stability of finished products.

Gustatory pleasure is the overriding priority for any Roquette solution. Visitors will be able to come to their own conclusions at the «TASTE SPACE » on stand where recipe preparation and tasting sessions will be organised throughout the day.

*: Consumer survey conducted for Roquette by Cegma Topo in June 2009 in France, Italy and the UK


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