Application notes

Application note

Looking for a unique clean-label texturising solution?

Roquette PEA FIBRE I50M for meat and fish products: 3 texturising properties in just 1 ingredient.
Benefits? Better texture and lower cost for further -processed products- plus labelling that meets distribution sector and consumer demands

roquette pea fiber - meat texturising solution

The daily challenge for players in the meat and fish products sector is of course to retain the savoury qualities of their products both in terms of taste and of texture. At the same time they have to meet the ever-increasing pressure from distributors and consumers for:

  • Food safety (with increased attention to allergen risks and GMO contamination)
  • Short ingredient lists (reflecting the minimum of additives and the maximum of natural products)
  • Attractive pricing

Roquette’s Pea Fibre I50M’s composition, texturising properties and origins meet all these challenges – in just one ingredient.

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