Roquette at VITAFOODS from the 22nd to the 24th May 2012 - Stand no 1454

Vitafoods 2012

Release the potential of plant-based ingredients in sports nutrition, weight management and ageing-well products

“Specific needs, specific foods”:  Roquette will this year highlight a selection of plant-based ingredients that will not only be of particular interest to innovative creators of sports and weight management food products but also to those wishing to offer products that support ageing well.

A pioneer in numerous sectors including oral health and foods for particular needs, Roquette has been closely involved for over 50 years with the nutritional and functional improvement of foods and pharmaceuticals.
Always focussed on the naturalness of its ingredients, Roquette food experts will present a selection of functional ingredients backed by innovative concepts and by nutritional data. Delivering clear breakthrough solutions, they will open up new opportunities for formulators of functional foods and nutraceuticals who want to be able to meet consumer demands reliably.

Roquette’s stand design will be based on three themes to maximise clarity, immediacy and visitor satisfaction:

  • “Keep shape” - weight management solutions
  • “Keep fit” - sports nutrition solutions  
  • “Keep young” – ageing-well solutions.


For instance:
In the weight management solutions area, visitors will be able to sample the taste of an innovative quick-dissolving powder mix. Roquette food experts define this concept as “the twice-a-day boost to feel full for longer”. The mix, containing NUTRIOSE® soluble fibre, makes an attractive fruity drink with the clinically-proven ability to induce a satiety effect.

In the sports nutrition solutions area, visitors will find a prototype that strengthens the sustainable-innovation possibilities of NUTRALYS®.  The concept is called “AminoSustain” and is a protein blend of whey and NUTRALYS® pea protein offering digestion rates tailored both to optimise amino acid supply and to develop muscle for recovery and training periods. Thanks to combining whey protein with its advanced NUTRALYS® pea protein, Roquette’s “AminoSustain” product concept delivers organoleptic, nutritional and technological benefits.

In the “ageing well” solutions area, visitors will discover the potential of a tasty panacotta-like dessert that fully responds to specific needs of senior people. This high-protein, source of fibre is lactose- and dairy-free and constitutes a fresh new way to provide senior people with a highly reliable and 100% vegetable dessert. In addition, originators of pure nutraceuticals will discover a concept combining Chlorella and Nutriose® that boosts the antioxidant potential of Chlorella in a new way, thanks to the prebiotic properties of NUTRIOSE®.


Each of the solutions areas on our stand will therefore allow visitors to discover new formulation ideas backed by specific Roquette ingredient characteristics – and that’s not all: for those seeking formulation help, solutions tailored to their needs will be on offer. Thanks to the comprehensiveness of its range of plant-origin excipients, Roquette can in addition offer solutions that meet the requirements of different manufacturing processes.